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FINE is a nutraceutical company that has been manufacturing, researching and developing health food supplements for over 40 years. Our products, from research, manufacturing, to inspection, are all done in-house. Fine out more about what we represent here.

Healthier. More beautiful.
FINE’s products are here to help.

We are a nutraceutical company aimed at bringing the best of health food supplements to our customers—from gathering and extracting the best ingredients found in plant and animal sources, putting them in granule form to producing quality natural food products, health food supplements, beverages, and cosmetics. We strive in bringing the essence of nature straight to our customers by researching proper source ingredients, the most efficient way to extract optimal nutritional elements, and optimal ingredient combinations and formulations. Since our company’s inception in 1974, we have consistently adhered to the standard of providing more beauty and health to our customers in order to make our share of contribution to the betterment of our society.



Our manufacturing department has been producing nutritional products under our strict quality control system. We obtained ISO9001 as the global quality standard, and have been manufacturing nutritional products from raw materials to end products. We also obtained Organic JAS and GMP certifications, and are able to deal with safer and more reliable organic materials. It is our pleasure to provide safe and high-quality products in order to provide complete satisfaction for our customers. This standard will never change.


We will follow those guidelines to promptly meet the variable needs of our customers and to develop safe products of high quality.

* ISO9001 Certification


ISO9001 was established as quality control and an international standard model for a guarantee of quality in 1987 by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It has spread remarkably and has had a big influence on company activities since it was established as JIS in Japan in 1991.

* Organic JAS Certification


Organic farm products inspection and certification system

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries established the JAS standard of organic farm products and organic processed foods.

Those products must be examined to meet the Organic JAS standard. It is permitted for the products to indicate Organic JAS mark such as “Organic tomato”, “Organic fermented soybeans”, and “Organic tea”. The JAS standard regulates confusing indications such as “Organic low pesticide products” and “Organic low pesticide cultivation”. The organic JAS mark indicates the appropriate description of an organic food. Imported products also have to be certified with the Organic JAS to sell products as organic JAS products in Japan.

* Good Manufacturing Practice Certification (GMP Certification)


It originally established observance and quality control system to supply good quality medical supplies. The United States set the GMP standard in food, medicine, and cosmetics regulation in 1962. World Health Organization (WHO) established GMP, and each country which is a member adopted GMP at a general meeting of 1969. Afterwards, GMP in international trade was also urged to be enforced. In Japan, Ministry of Health and Welfare Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau made a GMP notice which related to medical supplies in 1974. It was promulgated as the Ministry of Health and Welfare law in 1980. When it was set, it was an observance matter. However, in 1994, it was revised to the essential qualification for pharmaceutical firms to obtain GMP certification to be permitted as manufacturers.

Mission, Vision and Dream of FINE JAPAN


Mr. Nobutsuna Sasaku, President C.E.O of FINE JAPAN

Firstly, we value the welfare of our company staffs for their happiness and health mentally and physically. Otherwise it is not possible for us to make our customers happy and healthy.

Our dream is that we will contribute to the health of people all over the world through our supplements. It is our duty to make their life fulfilling for as long as possible. When we turn to dust, we can't take our material belongings with us -- therefore, we think that the most important thing is health rather than position or money. Without health, we can't do anything.

As a new business, we are now developing not only supplements but also medical foods, which are for nursing facilities or hospitals so that elder people can eat by mouth instead of liquid food by gastrostomy.

There are many that regret gastrostomy because the lack of mouth usage results in the mouth going dry without saliva and formation of various bacteria or mold in the mouth--in most cases, they will not regain the ability to eat with their mouth.

It is important to eat food from the mouth as humans and enjoy the sensory experience of taste. We want to contribute such way of life for elder people, who have contributed to Japan enormously.

We will take care of our company staff and their family prioritising happiness and health, both mentally and physically, and then contribute health and beauty to our valued consumers.

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