FINE Hyaluron & Collagen


I feel more energetic. I feel that I can go by the day without feeling tired all the time. One thing for sure, I consumed it at night once and I couldn't fall asleep (maybe it's just me). So, my advise is to drink it during breakfast or lunch......


After about 4 days consuming this, I've noticed my cheek glows in rosy pink from under my skin. Other than this, I haven't really notice any changes on skin condition. I think I should put it like this, the product works for me......

Shop Girl

By week 3, hair is less oily than before. Hair products remained unchanged. 

The one thing that I like about this oral collagen supplement is that I’ve noticed it seems to improve the skin condition all over the body and not just on my face......


I drink this collagen every morning mix with coffee. The significant improvements I can feel are my hair become very soft and easy to comb. For my skin, I can see smaller pores and brighter texture. I love the results and will continue consuming it.

FINE organic pearl coix extract

FINE Resvera Wine


当我第一次喝这 FINE RW 我就爱上了它独特的口味,不会太甜。由于时常在外用餐,饮食通常不均衡,自然没能吸取足够营养。久而久之,人很容易疲累,皮肤也越来越差。幸好现在有 FINE RW, 它帮我补充满满的天然抗氧化剂,使我感觉更有活力,皮肤自然亮丽了起来!


由于每个晚上都必须要回复顾客的咨询和处理订单,自己也渐渐成了夜猫子。所以每到早上时总会特别疲倦,没办法集中精神。但是自从喝了FINE RW 之后,反应能力变得快而且专注力也相对的持久。同事们之前都会说我的脸缺乏气色,看起来很苍白好像生病了。但现在脸颊都比较红润 而且眼袋和黑眼圈也减少了哦!大推!


由于工作的关系经常加班,生活作息不太均衡,所以导致肥胖,便秘,没精神及皮肤也越来越差等问题。经过介绍尝试 FINE RW,它的口感很好,喝了一段时间,身体明显的改善,每天越来越有活力。


女人过了30 身体机能都开始退化了,我深深的感受到。从朋友口中知道 FINE RW 可以帮助女人就毫不犹豫的尝试了。  FINE RW 真的让我见证它的功效。喝了2 个月, 黑眼圈淡化了, 皮肤也没那么暗沉了。我相信它可以让我看到更多的奇迹。


我已经70岁了。第一次接触时因为我的女儿买给我喝的第一次入口甜甜带少许的酸,很好喝我喜欢是因为它不带酒精。喝了一个月之后 ,我觉得我的精神变得比较好,人也比较不会那么容易累。我已经喝了3个月了,每天坚持喝少许,带来更健康的身体。


这是一瓶“无酒精”的红酒FINE RW,通过朋友介绍买了一瓶试喝,真的很好喝很顺口,最重要是对我们身体有很多的帮助,有抗氧化抗衰老,提升新陈代谢,美颜,改善睡眠等。还没喝 FINE RW 之前脸色苍白和睡眠不好。大概一个月后我发觉脸色比之前好看多了没之前苍白,睡眠也好很多了。


Barbi Chan

I have tried other diet coffees before and would normally have palpitations and trembling hands. Luckily with this one, I did not experience any of those and I noticed that whenever I eat, I get full quite fast. It is also a bonus that the taste is quite good......


The verdict? It tastes really good, like normal coffee but with a stronger taste, maybe because I added less water lol #coffeeaddict. Amazingly I lost about 2-3 kg in the first few days, then stopped...



I know many people consider myself thin and I think that myself too. Hence, I would like to say that I am not taking this to suppress my appetite every morning and skip meals! I just think it's a good substitute to get me energized and focus at completing my task when time is limited......

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