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I drink this Fine Premium collagen every morning mix with coffee. The significant improvements I can feel are my hair become very soft and easy to comb. For my skin, I can see smaller pores and brighter texture. I love the results and will continue consuming it.

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I'm often taking FINE organic pearl coins extract powder 100% combined with Premium Fine Hyaluron & Collagen.  It can be put in any drink (warm drink is better than cold one). One thing that I like about this collagen supplement is that I’ve noticed it seems to improve the skin condition all over the body and not just on my face. My skin was getting brighter and better.



I know many people consider myself thin and I think that myself too. Hence, I would like to say that I am not taking this to suppress my appetite every morning and skip meals! I just think it's a good substitute to get me energized and focus at completing my task when time is limited......

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