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Fine Corporation works vigorously on research and development on new substances and their efficiency in order to create products providing the best beauty and health solutions to our customers. Conducting such critical functions in-house allows us to not only respond promptly to our customer’s needs, but to ensure our products’ quality and safety.

There are other advantages in conducting our own research and development. Some of the raw materials and ingredients researched and developed in-house are not necessarily sales or marketing-driven. Our research and development occasionally leads us to finding new potential substances or unexpected effects of substances, that if become favorable to our product developments, contribute to commercializing new products available to our customers. We consistently strive to deliver products that make our customers healthier and more beautiful.


FINE Bio Science Research Center

We work together with Osaka University in Industry-Academia Collaboration, and have our research lab established at the institution. We have full access to their state-of-the-art facilities to conduct research. We are also able to exchange research data and information with the students there. We believe that while our research findings in products help many more customers, we can make further contributions by sharing our findings, techniques, and data generated from the research in various fields.

Fine BioScience Laboratory

(1) Search: Research new products and raw materials

We aim at researching and introducing new ingredients.


(2) Safety: Ingredient Analysis

We test ingredients with our state-of-the-art analytical instruments and research technology at Osaka University.


(3) Verification: Improving product reliability

We verify the effectiveness of our products in vigorous scientific collaborations with Osaka University.


I strive for everyone to enjoy an active life.

R&D Department, Researcher


Not cutting corners at work. This is what I always keep in mind.

Division Manager R&D Department

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